How I won £120,750 in 2 hours Biggest CASINO Roulette Win ▀▄▀ RRSYS

How I won £120,750 in 2 hours Biggest CASINO Roulette Win ▀▄▀ RRSYS

RRSYS = Real Roulette System – Professional Roulette Prediction

RRSYS = “RealRoulette” System (pronounced “Aresys”) – the name I have given my betting technique.

I have opened up this YouTube account (RealRoulette) specifically to demonstrate that a Roulette wheel can be genuinely beaten, in an actual real live game with other players – as opposed to videos which I have seen online of someone spinning their own roulette wheel and predicting his own spins with the aid of a computer/mobile phone, those such videos seem good however they occurred in a controlled environment, unlike my video of live play.

I am from the UK and I have been going to casinos since 2008 and due to problems at home I found myself in casinos most days for hours, loosing money, however all these hours seem to have paid off, as I came to develop my own betting technique which can give great winning returns!

This video is uploaded from one live casino operator from London UK, which is mentioned in the video audio, anyone noticed a change here recently?

I strongly believe the change was due to my constant big bet wins in a few hours on Sat 24/09/2011 from 17:18. At the time of writing 03/10/2011 this online casino has decreased its maximum straight up number bets. It just seems very strange they have lowered it as I was getting the biggest wins they had seen, so it has probably brought it to the casinos attention and therefor they have reduced the maximum bets limits. However you can still bet 150 straight up and surround it with 4 corners, 4 splits and a street (£150 each, £1500 total bet, return £23400)

My technique has worked in each bricks and mortar land based casino I have visited… Of course not every single spin means a win, but once things start rolling in winning streaks it can be very powerful.

Mint Casino @ L1 2SF.
Circus Casino @ L1 1RH.
Mint Casino @ CH41 2QQ.

G Casino @ FY4 1BB.
Circus Casino @ FY2 9QG.

Manchester235 @ M3 4LP.
Grosvenor Casino @ M3 4JU.
Grosvenor Casino @ M1 6EZ.
Grosvenor Casino @ M1 4HQ.
Circus Casino @ M1 4RL.

It has also worked with these Live Online Casinos with certain limitations…

Smart Live Casino / Guruplay
Lucky Live Casino
William Hill Live Casino Salle Privée Table

As the name RRSYS suggests it is only for a real roulette game, with real ball and real dealer – IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR ANIMATED COMPUTER GAMES or FOBT versions found in local high street betting shops (sportsbook) William Hill / Ladbrokes / Betfred RNG Bonus Roulette PinBall etc.

Here I provide a montage of clips, which show the biggest wins I got on Saturday the 24th of September 2011. The Table Max limit across the table was £1500 in any single spin playing on my girlfriends account (at the time) Kate / Katebet.

I try to help people in casinos or online casinos with my RRSYS technique.

I would like RRSYS to become a recognized betting system and to be as popular as the Martingale strategy.

Spins shown in this video are:

01. 191663 (£8700)
02. 191664 (£9000)
03. 191656 (£16200)
04. 191667 (£4050)
05. # N/A # (£5400)
06. 191879 (£10800)
07. # N/A # (£10800)
08. 192103 (£9000)
09. # N/A # (£17100)
10. 192115 (£23400)
11. 192118 (£6300)

This collection of videos, was captured of my mobile phone at the time (x10 mini pro).

This list of 11 spins you can see the game number / spin number listed above, this itself is proof that the videos are not from different sessions such as days or weeks ago as some people have assumed these videos are just a bunch of random wins.

The camera recordings unknown to me at the time captured the spin/game numbers as i have put the camera near the screen to focus well and only after uploading this did i realize by pausing the video and taking note of the game numbers to input above for you people to see that the wins are within 191656 and 192118 and i do not always play every single spin.

Due to recording them off my mobile phones camera, they where in file name order when I transferred them to my computer with intention to combine all the clips to make this single presentation, with the exception of spin number 3 which i obviously now realize is number 191656 which must have been my error in organizing them into the video editor.

# N/A # simply means I have not been able to pause the video or find the spin result for bad placing of the camera and not keeping a record at the time of the spin number – as at the time I was not uploading this single video at the time to try and prove non believers, i only become aware of non believers after so many people ended up viewing my video and inbox or commenting negative responses.

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