Counting the $500,000 I made online! (Still Working Dec 2014)

Counting the $500,000 I made online! (Still Working Dec 2014)

I’m using this method successfully in the casinos listed below:
#1 (UK)
#2 (USA & France Friendly + 1st Deposit Bonus)
#3 (USA & France Friendly + 1st Deposit Bonus)

Raise your Winning chance up to 90% through mathematics. This has nothing to do with luck. This video will explain how I made more than 500€ in just one day!

I’m using this method as an ATM machine, every time I need money. Also I use this method to withdraw the money to my bank account — it’s very easy and effective!

Feel free to Message me or Comment the video down below, if you have any questions.

First you download the Software of the Casinos I listed here.

All Casinos listed above are tested by game play and reliability. They all have a good Software, good payment methods and most important, Fun Money mode, where you can try this method for Free.

After you have Downloaded the Software, you can Sign Up with Fun Money mode, to test this method Free, so you can see that it really works!

If you want to Earn real money (about 300$ in half an hour), you Sign Up with real money. You should deposit around 50 — 80$. And if you want to be on the safe side, you can deposit around 100$, so, statistically it’s highly unlikely that you lose (you’d have a better chance winning the lottery than hitting 7 of one color in a row)

But before you investigate anything you should test the technique to understand it better.

Here the technique again:

#1 You only bet on Black or Red.
#2 You start betting 1$ to Black.

#3 If you win: Good, now bet 1$ to the other color (Red).
#4 If you lose: Double your bet at the same color (Black) until you win.

About me:

Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m 24 years old and I live in London! I’ve created about 10 different techniques, on how to beat an Online Casino. Most of my tactics are hard to learn, but you’ll earn very much with them!


This is a video in which I show you how I used this system at an online casino and made some quick cash, however I must remind you that this is gambling and therefore nothing is 100% sure! Please, before trying this out make sure that it is legal to gamble online from your country. Try this system at your own risk and remember nothing is 100% guaranteed in life, however have fun watching the system and trying it out!

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