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If you have ever tried playing roulette online with RNG software, you know that you may win repeatedly in Fun Mode but lose in Real Money Mode. Here I will explain why!
This is because roulette software is designed to defeat progressions and not let you win 2 sessions in a row!

It can do this by locking you out of wagers for 4-10 sessions, among other things.
To explain:

Let’s say on session 1 you bet and win on red/black bets. After you log out of the software, it analyzes your bets. The next time you log in to play, IT WILL NOT LET YOU WIN ON RED/BLACK BETS! To overcome this, you would’ve had to alternate your bet types each session. Depending on the software, this can range from 4 up to 10 sessions, average is 6. That means you would have to know at least 6 different winning systems for roulette.
For example, one session you would play splits, the next session you would play straight up, the next session would be streets, the next sessions lines, the next session corners and the sixth session red/black. This is the case with Real Time Gaming software. It takes awhile to win a decent amount playing this way and, if you plan to keep playing at the same casino over and over, you can’t win
more than $40 a day or you may have problems with withdrawals. So to make $120 a day you’d have to play at 3 different casinos.
Other software (i.e. Playtech) will do a bait and switch by playing “fair” until about 10-15 minutes into the session and then take your bank roll.
Here is an email one customer recently sent me. His experience is typical. Regarding RNG software he wrote, “It’s a fix, they suck you in and then hit you with an ‘impossible’ run that clears your bank roll.
I once played a system using rng (before I knew better) that used 2 groups, 8 numbers, I waited no less than 18 spins to begin betting on a 28 spin progression and LOST, 46 spins without one of 8 numbers appearing !!!!! and yes it ‘won’ on the next spin, how convenient when I had no money on it!! And how about first dozen NOT appearing for 32 spins, ridiculous.”
17-21 Roulette Online:

Because of the way the RNG casino software works (only changing the numbers to block bets in real money mode), the numbers will run the same in fun mode as in real money mode. It will only change the numbers when you are trying to play a blocked bet in real money mode.
This being said, I have tested the numbers in online casinos using Real Time Gaming software and a few casinos using Playtech software. I have also tested Oddsmaker and Wagerweb, who have their own proprietary software. I have played in both fun and real money mode and the numbers came out the same. I have not tested Microgaming casinos because I am not allowed to play them.
In general, you can run into 1 of 3 situations: The software will be of the bait and switch type (Playtech), will lock you out of bets for a period of time (Real Time Gaming) or it will let you win one session and no more after that.
To get around all this, currently the only way I recommend playing online is to play only at casinos with live dealers or, if playing against software, win as much money as you can in one session that is no longer than 10 minutes long. This will only work at a casino you’ve never played at before. Basically, you win as much as you can, cash out and move on to the next casino! Do NOT play at flash casinos.

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